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Canadian Mortgage Rates

In Canada, mortgage rates are constantly fluctuating. While mortgage rates tend to be the first thing borrowers look at, there are other important factors to consider when seeking a home equity loan. The length of your term and whether your loan is based on a fixed or variable rate are two such considerations. A mortgage broker will be able to advise you on all the factors that go into your borrowing decision.

Mortgage Rates – Canada

Term Type Rate
Variable Closed Prime – 0.40% (2.60%)
1 Year Fixed Closed 2.89%
2 Year Fixed Cloesd 2.79%
3 Year Fixed Closed 3.09%
4 Year Fixed Closed 3.29%
5 Year Fixed Closed 3.49%
7 Year Fixed Closed 3.99%
10 Year Fixed Closed 4.39%

This is just a sample of some current mortgage rates. Canadian Mortgages, Inc. (CMI) has access to lenders across Canada to ensure that you have access to the best mortgage rates available. While securing a low interest rate for your loan is important, it should not be the only consideration in choosing a loan.

A mortgage broker with CMI can help you understand other considerations, such as the type of mortgage and other mortgage terms, to find the best mortgage product available. A broker can also provide you with a mortgage rate forecast. Canada has a constantly fluctuating interest rate environment and our brokers will provide you with up-to-date mortgage rates news.

Contact CMI for preferential Canadian mortgage rates

CMI has arranged preferential mortgage rates with the best Canadian mortgage lenders. Some lenders that offer the best mortgage products and services are not well known to the broader public. We can help you access lenders with the highest client satisfaction ratings and the lowest mortgage rates. Canada is full of mortgage loan products and we will work for you to find the best options.

If you are shopping for a mortgage, seeking mortgage rates news, or looking for a mortgage rate forecast, Canada has no better resource than CMI. For details on special mortgages, such as variable rate mortgages, second mortgages, or any other products, contact CMI today for a free consultation.