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Feeling the Heat in Kitchener? A good Kitchener Mortgage Broker can Cool Things Down


Kitchener mortgages right now are in extremely high demand, and a lot of them are for very high home prices. But while it’s no secret that the Kitchener market has been hot for some time now, homeowners and homebuyers often have no idea on how to still get the best rates and the best mortgage in Kitchener for them. How can you do it?


Start by coming to us at CMI. We are mortgage brokers in Kitchener that can help you sort it out, and might even be able to tell you how to get a better deal on your home – or how to choose a home that’s more suited to what you can afford. With mortgage calculators, tons of different products, and only the best Kitchener mortgage brokers, we can connect you with the best lenders in Ontario and point you to the products that will work best for you. Here are just a few of the products that we offer:

  • A full network of major lenders, second and third-tier lenders, and private lenders for those that have sufficient equity in their homes.
  • Home equity loans and home equity lines of credit,
  • Home renovation and debt consolidation loans, for homeowners that have a good deal of equity built up in their homes,
  • Mortgage renewals and home refinancing,
  • Bad credit loans and private mortgages for homeowners that have sufficient equity,
  • Mortgages in Kitchener, Ottawa, Toronto, Sudbury, Brampton, and more – so come see us, and then tell your friends!

If you’re in the Kitchener area and you need a mortgage, you need a mortgage broker in Kitchener that can help. Hot markets are good. They keep the economy moving, and they offer a lot of choices. But some aspects of them can be a bit confusing to wade through on your own, and you don’t need to. Call us at CMI today. We are mortgage brokers in Kitchener, and we’re the best there is!