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Hard Money Lending

Hard Money Lenders

For those who may have had difficulty securing a traditional home loan, mortgage options may still be available through hard money lenders. Canada has many home financing options even for those with low income or poor credits scores. Hard money lenders serve borrowers who may fail to qualify under conventional mortgage criteria.

What is a hard money mortgage?

Individuals with poor credit and/or low income may have difficulty finding a bank to provide them with a mortgage. However, CMI works with many high risk mortgage lenders. Canada has mortgage options for anyone with equity in their home. Hard money lenders are private mortgage companies that will do the extra work needed to provide second mortgages for individuals with equity in their home but otherwise considered high risk borrowers.

CMI works with Private Mortgage Companies to provide hard money loans

CMI brokers have expertise in working with sub-prime mortgages or “hard money”. Canada is teeming with private, hard money lenders who want your business. Our brokers will be sure that you know what you are getting into. We make sure there are no hidden terms and unpleasant surprises. With our hard money lenders, Canada now has a selection of high risk mortgage products from lenders who meet high standards of excellence. We make sure our clients get the best deal available.

Hard Money Lending

CMI works only with reputable hard money lenders for private mortgage loans. This assures that our borrowers receive professional and ethical mortgage assistance. Second mortgages are the most common type of hard money loans. Our private lender network is composed of dozens of high risk mortgage lenders. Canada private lending companies specialize in difficult and unusual loan requests as well as high mortgage ratios. For example, second mortgages are available in urban centers up to 85% of home value. CMI also works with private mortgages for arrears, power of sale and other unusual circumstances.

With CMI you get a fully licensed and accredited mortgage broker. Contact us today and a CMI broker will assess your specific situation to find the right hard money lenders. Canada is full of private lenders and we will find the private mortgage company that is best for you.

If you are looking for hard money, Canada has it. CMI will help you find it and negotiate the best terms for you. To start, complete our online form for a complimentary consultation.