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Are Your Investments Backed by the Government? Should You be Worried?

When a consumer goes to a big bank to obtain their mortgage, that lender can feel more secure in providing that loan because often they are backed by the federal government. Through CMHC mortgage insurance, should the consumer default on the loan, the government steps in and reimburses the bank for any monies lost. When that mortgage is taken away...

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Second Mortgage Investments Best bet for Retirees

This summer Statistics Canada reported that the average retiree household income among Canadians is $45,000. For two people, or even one depending on lifestyle, that's just simply not enough, leaving retirees trying to find other ways to supplement their income. But what options are good out of the many to choose from? Investing is always the best route, as retirees...

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REITs Slide as Investors Look Towards Private Mortgage Investing Instead

When it comes to investing in real estate, the savvy investor knows that there are many avenues you can take. You can go the sweat-it-out route of being a landlord and spending all your spare time making improvements to homes that you don't live in; or you can choose to bundle your investment with those of other investors and invest...

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The Government Keeps Making it Easier for Private Mortgage Investors!

When Finance Minister Jim Flaherty tightened mortgage rules once again last year, it was a real boon for investors. Banks were no longer approving as many borrowers, yet many of those borrowers remained in the market, only now, wondering where they were going to get that mortgage from. Private mortgages were there to fill the gap, and it was a...

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What does the Typical Private Mortgage Borrower Look Like?

We've talked before about the average private mortgage investor and what they look like. Plenty of capital and an appreciation for the low risk nature of private mortgage investing were just two of the most common traits among 'typical' investors. But what about the borrowers? Those who's mortgage you'll be supporting? What do they look like? A lot like this: Self-employed...

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We source, and then analyze all investment opportunities presented to us. After careful analysis, only the best ones are packaged and then presented to our investors based on loan size, location & the yield preferences of each of our investors. We then facilitate the closing via our experienced external law firms, and can even manage the investment after closing at no cost to our investor. If you have over $200K of liquid capital to invest (cash or registered funds), please contact us!

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