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The Evolution of Private Lending, and how it Benefits Investors

It used to be that private mortgage lending was a quiet and unknown type of investment for investors looking to expand and diversify their portfolio. When there were options such as the stock market, mutual funds, GICs, and other types that were considered to be the safest and most secure, why would anyone bother with private mortgage lending? But now...

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No Capital? No RRSP? No Problem!

When some investors are just starting out in the investing world, or they're thinking about becoming involved in it, they often hear of the opportunity to invest in private mortgages. After hearing of the benefits these investments bring, the next is surely about the amount of capital one needs in order to invest in mortgages - just under the whole...

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Kijiji Fees Shine Light on Benefits of Private Mortgage Investing

Of all the ways you could invest in real estate, becoming a landlord is one of the most expensive; and a recent change in Kijiji's policies have just shined the light on why. Aside from simply the costs of obtaining a mortgage for the investment property, there are maintenance costs, property taxes, and an assortment of other costs and fees...

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The Three C’s to Protecting Yourself when Investing in Private Mortgages

One of the biggest questions we get most often is: how do I protect myself when investing in private mortgages? Putting your money into a mortgage, and then hoping that someone will pay it back - with interest - can seem like a frightening prospect. But when people have this question, there's one thing we tell them time and time...

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Some of the Worst Real Estate Investments, and why Private Mortgage Investing Beats them All

Forbes magazine recently ran an article which listed the worst real estate investments one could ever make. To no surprise, investing in private mortgages did not appear on the list. So what did? Anything that doesn't bring in a return These are the types of investments that rely on property values going up - second homes, properties that are going...

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