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First Mortgages Becoming more Popular than Seconds in Private Mortgage Investing

For a long time when it came to investing in private mortgages, second mortgages were usually the preferred option for investors. Second mortgages are riskier to the investor, and therefore can typically have much higher interest rates attached to them. Still, the fact that a high percentage of equity was put up as collateral  made even the small risk to...

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Is it True that No One Investment Should Take Up More than 5% of Your Portfolio?

In investing, there are a few golden rules and idioms that the experts and analysts live by. One of those is that no one investment should ever take up more than 5 per cent of your entire investment portfolio. But how practical is this advice? And is it something that investors should follow at all costs? For most types of...

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Initial Investment Required, and Expected Returns, with Private Mortgage Investing

When looking at any type of investment, there are two things you're going to ask first: how much of an initial investment is required, and what will the returns on that investment be? Just like with any other investment vehicle, the more you invest the bigger your returns will be. However, there are a few generalities and guidelines you can...

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Why Choosing an Out-Performing Market is Important, and how to do It

Choosing the right housing market is of the utmost importance when you're investing in any kind of real estate. But unlike other types such as income property ownership, selecting your market is even more important when you're investing in private mortgages. And in fact, it's even more important than choosing based on home prices in the area - something that...

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